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Solutec MS 15 LM

One component low modulus MS-Polymer based sealant, a solvent free neutral curing system, especially designed for sealing movement joints. Solutec MS-Polymer 15 LM meets the requirements of DIN 18540.

Solutec MS Glass

One component MS-Polymer based glazing sealant. Developed as topseal for glazing. Meets the requirements of DIN 18545. Solutec MS Glass is a neutral solvent free curing system.

Solutec PU 15 LM

One component polyurethane based sealant for sealing movement joints. Solutec PU 15 LM meets the requirements of DIN 18540.

Solutec Flex & Seal 25

High performance polyurethane joint sealant with high mechanical strength and excellent resistance to weathering and diluted chemicals. Primarily designed for use as an elastic joint sealant.

Solutec Silicon

One component sealant silicone based. Suitable for application on metal, glass, wood, ceramic and many synthetic surfaces. Topseal in glazing.

Solutec Silicon S

One component acetoxy silicone sealant, that contains a fungicide, especially suitable for sanitary applications. Cures under influence of airhumidity to an elastic silicone rubber.

Solutec Silicon N

A neutral solvent free silicone sealant, with excellent adhesion properties, which can be used in most circumstances without the use of a primer. Acceptable movement is 25% of the jointwidth.

Solutec Silicon NS

Neutral curing silicone sealant with a fungicide for sealing floor- and wall joints in sanitary applications.

Solutec Acryl

Acryl based sealant for sealing inside joints, as well as cracks in walls and woodwork.

Solutec Roof

Bituminous plasto-elastic sealant for almost all roofing applications. Very good adhesion properties, even on wet surfaces.

Solutec Tapes

Range of self adhesive laminated tapes, based on bitumen or butyl, for general construction and industrial applications. Tapes can be used as waterproofing membranes and for repairs.

Solutec Foam

One component polyurethane foam suitable for fixing window frames and doors. Filling and insulating tube outlets in walls, spaces between windows and brick work etc.

Solutec Gunfoam

One component polyurethane insulation and construction foam that is applied with a special gun, which allows accurate dosing in many construction applications.