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Solutec MS 40 Seam

General purpose MS-Polymer product for bonding and sealing of metal and plastic constructions in automotive- and general industry. Excellent adhesion without the use of a primer on most substrates.

Solutec MS 45 Spray

Sprayable solvent free MS-Polymer seam sealer for automotive applications to be applied with a special spraygun. Due to its high viscosity the product can also be used as a general seamsealer. Paints can be applied wet-wet.​

Solutec MS 55 Seam​

Solvent free fast curing MS-Polymer sealant and adhesive for general automotive applications. Due to its high Shore A the product will become a structural part of the coachwork. Excellent overpaintable.​

Solutec MS 212 Screen

One component solvent free screen adhesive based on MS-Polymer for bonding windscreens in cars. The product meets the requirements of FMVSS 212, with airbags.​

Solutec Tapes

Range of self adhesive laminated tapes, based on bitumen or butyl, for general industrial applications. Tapes can be used for sound deadening.